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I am a mustard seed in the middle of the sphere of the moon, which itself is a mustard seed within the next sphere. So it is with that sphere and all it contains in relation to the next sphere. So it is with all the spheres - one inside of the other - and all of them are a mustard seed within the further expanses.

- Moses Cordovero (16th Century)

For eons artists and philosophers have peered outward, contemplating the vastness of the universe. Cosmic Microscapes looks within, at the smallest components of that enormity. These images represent real objects from space – small pieces of the Moon, Mars, and asteroids.


These thumbnail-sized landscapes are captured on a custom designed micro-imaging system combining up to 600 images to produce a staggeringly high resolution "microscape," which can be printed up to 30 feet wide, 40 thousand times original size.


Rendered without significant alteration, Cosmic Microscapes are completely natural and documentary in the extreme, yet profoundly abstract.



Click through the gallery below to explore art pieces made from different meteorites.